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Wherever you are in the world, it's easy to learn Japanese with Yuko!

Would you like to visit Japan with a knowledge of Japanese language? Or are you finding learning Japanese is difficult even though you are living in Japan? Then Yuko is here to help you!

Yuko lives in Cheshire, UK, but regularly visits her family in Japan and stays there for a while. Either you are in the UK or in Japan, Yuko provides online lessons, so it's easy to start learning Japanese with Yuko!

Yuko is also a government-certified interpreter guide, so if you are visiting Japan, she can help you get the most of the experience!

The Teacher: Yuko Howes
Yuko Howes is a native Japanese and a certified Japanese teacher, with over 13 years of teaching experience, from beginner to advanced levels, including preparing for the  JLPT.  She’s currently living in Japan.

Not only being a Japanese teacher, she has also been an active volunteer to promote Japanese culture. Please check on About Yuko and her YouTube channel, Yuko’s World.

Recently, she has developed love for Nishikigoi, and been keeping Nishikigoi for over five years.

Why Choose Yuko’s Online Japanese Lessons?

  • Tailored to your own needs.

A 30-minute assessment interview at the beginning will define your focus, needs and what is to be improved, among other things.

  • Go at your own pace.

Yes, yes, we all know what the “ideal” learning style is, but you have a full, busy life, and can’t devote all your time to studying Japanese. We’ll do what we can do best, given various restrictions.

  • Lessons are conducted in English.

So you can understand the complexity of Japanese grammar well.

  • Reasonable tuition, and you can pay as you go.

No fancy office to run, so no overheads! All to make the tuition reasonable for you.

You don’t need to pay a monthly tuition up front. You pay for each lesson one at a time.

  • You can start any time you like.

There’s no set semester; you decide when you want to start.

  • Enjoyable Lessons!

Yuko is a friendly and understanding instructor, so you can feel comfortable in the lesson.


Louigi & Christina

We have been studying Japanese with Yuko for the last 5 years (time flies!) and it has been an amazing experience overall: Yuko is a fantastic teacher, always attentive and happy to help us and answer any question we might have. 

The study path is well structured and it covers a wide range of grammar topics, conversation and listening techniques alongside interesting facts about Japan's culture. 

We have moved from a face-to-face method to remote lessons since Covid, and this has not impacted our learning at all! 

Thanks to Yuko, we have managed to go from absolutely no knowledge of Japanese (not even reading hiragana!) to successfully passing our JLPT exams.  We could not recommend her enough! 


Yuko's lessons are fun, interesting, and always well prepared. I particularly enjoy Yuko's passion for including Japanese culture in the lessons, which truly highlights how inseparable culture and language are.


I would highly recommend her lessons to those just beginning their Japanese language learning and to more advanced learners.


I have tried a few different methods to learn Japanese but easily the best progress I have made is when I started regular lessons with Dr Howes.


The lessons are enjoyable and very well prepared. I would highly recommend them.

How much does the lesson cost?


Beginners                        £22
Intermediate                   £25

Advanced                        £28

Business Japanese     £30

Price is for a 60-minute private lesson. (Semi-private lessons are possible, depending on the situation.)
The cost of materials (a book and possibly a workbook) 
is not included.

You can pay the tuition as you go; just one lesson at a time.
Please pay the tuition before the lesson, by bank transfer (or by PayPal if you are in Japan).
ancellations cost you the full tuition, so please contact me sooner.


The Lessons

  • Lessons are conducted using screen-sharing software, and Powerpoint slides created by Yuko.

  • No top-down lecture: your involvement and speaking time are maximized.

  • Textbooks: Japanese for Busy People (the 3rd Edition) Books I to III; 「人を動かす!実践ビジネス日本語会話」for Business Japanese, and few other books.

  • Lessons use custom-made practice conversations and exercises, to make the content more realistic for you. 

  • Lessons employ various methods to help memorizing more effective.

About Yuko

About Yuko

Yuko talks about herself.....

"I now live in Japan. But to tell you the truth, I have just come back to Japan, after many years of living in Canada and the UK. Since COVID-19 happened, travel to Japan from the UK has become so complicated, so I made a big decision to come back to Japan.

I will tell you a little bit about me.

I went to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, to go to university. I decided to go all the way up to obtain PhD in psychology. I have taught at the university there. I came to Manchester to take part in a research project at the University of Manchester, where, unexpectedly, I met my future husband and got married. 

Once I settled down in the UK, ironically, I was awakened to the love of Japanese culture and language. The more I’m away from Japan, the stronger my love for Japanese language grew. I eventually decided to embark on a new career to teach Japanese to British people. Around the same time, I started YouTube, cataloguing various people/organizations who were engaging in activities related to Japanese culture. Please check out my YouTube channel, Yuko's World, to see what I mean. (I was also writing a blog, Japan Outpost, which is now discontinued.)

Now I’m very happy teaching Japanese, and wish to share my passion for Japanese with you also."

"While I was in the UK, I served as Chairman of Japan Society North West. I also worked as the Editor of the Newsletter from 2008 until January 2012. I was involved in the planning of monthly events for the Society and also took a leading role in organising Japan Day, a major biennial event that showcases a wide range of Japanese culture in the Northwest of England."


"One of my great grandfathers was a samurai, and the other was a Shinto (Japan’s original religion) priest. Although I was born and brought up in the north of Kyoto prefecture, because my mother is from Tokyo, Tokyo has been my second home town.

The town of my birth contains one of the most scenic views in Japan, the famous Amanohashidate (roughly translated as “a bridge to Heaven from ocean”), which is a 3km-long sand bar with many pine trees on it. It's been famous for a long time, and the most famous Japanese ink and wash painter, Sesshu, painted Amanohashidate at the beginning of 16th century. It also appeared on one of Hiroshige's Ukiyoes. I grew up near the sea, and walked my dog to the beach everyday. Looking at the beautiful sea always helped me feel better. While I was living in the Manchester area, I missed the ocean. Now I live right next to the beach in Kanagawa prefecture!"

Amanohashidate Peninsula in Tango Provin
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